Do all passengers have to buy tickets for the concert?

No. Some passengers may not want to attend the concert. In these cases, and as in Abreu Online it is not possible to select the concert option only for some passengers, they must buy a ticket for all passengers in the cabin and send an email to cruzeirotc​@abreuonline.com informing which passenger is not going to the concert. We will cancel the ticket and update the reservation.

Can customers buy tickets for more than one concert?

Not at this moment. In case there is availability in the capacity of the concerts, closer to the date of the cruise, we will make the tickets available for the respective days.

Will Tony Carreira only be present at the concerts?

No. The artist will be on board throughout the cruise and will provide other moments with the passengers, some free and others paid.

Are seats in the theatre assigned? Can the passenger choose the seat?

No. A period of admission to the theatre will be defined to watch the concert.

Children and/or babies are allowed?

Yes. Children and babies can travel on the cruise. Children pay 75% of the adult price and babies up to 2 years old (age at departure date) only pay taxes (€200). The concert ticket has a single value, regardless of age. We do not recommend taking babies to the concert, as it will be held in a closed room with a high sound level. We are still waiting for the artist's definition of the minimum age to attend the concert.

Are group bookings accepted?

Yes. Any group reservation must be requested via email cruzeirotc​@abreuonline.com

In the same cabin, do all customers have to have the same supplements?

It depends. In the same cabin, passengers must have the same beverage package, including children (3 to 17 years old) who must have the corresponding children's package (without alcohol or caffeine). However, not all passengers in the same cabin need to purchase a ticket for the show.


• Unique moment in Tourism in Portugal;

• First time that an event of this size is held in our country;

• Cruise in the Mediterranean from Lisbon to Lisbon for 7 nights in Full-Board;

• Possibility of attending at least one Tony Carreira concert on board of a ship;

• It will be an important moment in the celebration of the artist's 35 years of career;

• There will be several activities on board with the artist such as “unlikely” concerts, autograph, and photo sessions, among other surprises!

• Presence on board of other artists who will provide unique moments on this trip;

• MSC entertainment throughout the cruise.